Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Academy at Nolan Soccer; June 11-14 (Rising 2nd-8th Graders)

THE Academy Presented by Nolan Soccer
Dates: June 11-14, 2018      
Location: Nolan Catholic High School (Doskocil Stadium)
Ages: Rising 2nd Graders through rising 8th graders (Boys and Girls)
Time: 8:00am-11:00am       
What to Bring: Ball, Water, Cleats, Running Shoes/Flats, Shinguards & Soccer Journal
Cost: $125


Why THE Academy Presented by Nolan Soccer?
* See what it is like to play at one of the most dynamic high school soccer programs in the country….

* Through our innovative, progressive curriculum, the Athletes will receive the necessary resources and tools to IMPACT the game...

* THE Academy is one of the most DYNAMIC and PASSIONATE environments these Athletes will ever experience...

* Very unique and specialized as well as cutting edge in its own manner.  We bring to Fort Worth the desire and willingness to be the top-notch leader in player development across the United States...

* Technique/Tactics/Speed/Agility/Physical Training/Motivation/Confidence for Superior Performance…

For more information contact Jay Fitzgerald at 817-917-1491 or jay@jatoathletics.com

Everything you need to know to prepare for your Academy Experience... June 11th-14th, 2018

Opening Day please arrive at Doskocil Stadium at Nolan Catholic High School to check-in between 7:15am-7:50am as we start camp promptly at 8:00am. *All players MUST be picked up from Doskocil Stadium. No player can be picked up from the parking lot.

See what it is like to be a part of one of the most dynamic high school soccer programs in the country.  Your experience will not only be unique but incredibly dynamic and exciting. The new innovative professional curriculum will be challenging and cutting edge where learning and teaching take center stage. The goal of the Program is to develop individual techniques of players as well as a love for the game of soccer. Topics are tailored to the developmental age and skill of the players and are geared toward the success of the player. It is a fantastic way for young players to get acquainted with the skills of soccer while having a great time. We will focus not only on technique and an overall understanding but giving you the confidence necessary to be future superstar in the sport. We anticipate that you will walk away with the most fun and rewarding soccer experience that you have ever been a part of.

What to Bring
Light colored training gear, Ball, Shin guards, Cleats, Indoor Shoes, Running Shoes, Towels, Sunscreen, Snack/Fruit and Water Bottle/Jug

Facility Information
Nolan Catholic High School 4501 Bridge Street
Fort Worth, TX 76103
*Doskocil Stadium (Turf) and Nolan Catholic Old Gym (Gym Floor) @ NOLAN CATHOLIC

Daily Schedule – Schedule Subject to Change
See example of schedule below.
**All players will be picked up at the STADIUM at the completion of each day.

Day 1 - June 11TH
Check-In/Registration @ Stadium                                    7:15am-7:50am
Welcome                                                                   8:00am-8:10am
SoccerSize (Running Shoes/Flats) in Gym                       8:15am-9:00am                    
Break                                                                          9:00am-9:15am
Going for Goal                                                          9:20am-10:00am
Break                                                                          10:00am-10:05am
Small Sided Matches                                              10:10am-10:55am
Closing                                                                       10:55am-11:00am
Camp Ends                                                                11:00am

Day 2 - June 12TH
Meet at Stadium                                                      8:00am
SoccerSize (Running Shoes/Flats)                                    8:05am-8:45am
Break                                                                          8:45am-9:00am
Technique/Speed Ladder Relays                          9:00am-9:30am
Break                                                                          9:30am-9:35am
Going for Goal                                                          9:40am-10:10am
Flying Changes                                                         10:15am-10:55am
Closing                                                                       10:55am-11:00am
Camp Ends                                                                11:00am

Day 3 - June 13TH
Meet at Stadium                                                      8:00am
SoccerSize (Running Shoes/Flats)                                    8:05am-8:45am
Break                                                                          8:45am-9:00am
SAQ/Going for Goal                                                 9:00am-9:30am
Break                                                                          9:30am-9:35am
Tactics                                                                        9:40am-10:10am
Flying Changes/Soccer Olympics Closing            10:15am-10:55am
Camp Ends                                                                11:00am

Day 4 - June 14TH

Meet at Stadium                                                      8:00am
SoccerSize (Running Shoes/Flats) in Gym           8:05am-8:45am
Break                                                                          8:45am-9:00am
30 Min Freestyle                                                      9:00am-9:30am
Small-Sided Games                                                            9:35am-10:50am
Closing Remarks                                                      10:50am-11:00am
Camp Ends                                                                11:00am



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Sessions will be filmed and interviews will be coordinated with select Academy participants. Academy still photographs will also be taken and be available on Twitter at @jatoathletics and @nolansoccer.  JATO/Nolan Catholic retains the right to use for promotional purposes any pictures/videos taken.

Water will be available at all times throughout the day. Water Stations will be located at the stadium and gym. It is very important that THE Academy week participants properly hydrate themselves on a regular basis during their Academy experience. It is important the week prior to THE Academy to start acclimating yourself to the heat/humidity by drinking plenty of water. During your time at THE Academy you need to drink 16/32 oz. before, during, and after each training session. Your body will lose fluid at an increased rate and you need to replace those fluids more often. No caffeine and no carbonation!

THE Academy presented by Nolan Soccer is a soccer experience that is second to none. Our staff comes from all over the area consisting of area club and high school players and coaches along with some US Soccer staff and is carefully selected to teach and paint perfect pictures for these up and coming young footballers.

Players are expected to behave in a manner befitting a serious soccer athlete. Every player is expected to act in a way that shows respect for themselves, the campus of Nolan Catholic High School and its facilities, THE Academy staff and other players. THE Academy is designed to allow everyone to grow in the game on and off the field while achieving their individual goals. Our staff will work hard to provide the absolute best experience to each and every participant. And we expect each and every player to give everything they have while training, to play for the enjoyment and love for the game of soccer, and to respect the game and all those around them.
Athletic Trainer/s

A certified Athletic Trainer will be available at ALL times throughout the day at the fields and in the gym.

More Information
JATO Director – Jay Fitzgerald        817.917.1491 jay@jatoathletics.com
JATO Administrator - Helen Gray 817.460.JATO (5286)

The Academy participants will be supervised all day with our full time staff. Parents may come to the training sessions to observe the training but cannot be on the field.